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Not Quite as PO'ed at Nikon Service Now...

September 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Not Quite as PO'ed at Nikon Service Now...


I guess if you complain enough and use all your stress to push you along, complaining and taking the time to fill out all service surveys.

Just got another email from some higher up at Nikon, no title just his name.... explaining that now my whole Warranty will be ineffect after the repair is done... including the 180 repair warranty.

this does make me feel a teeny tiny bit better..... but this should never have happened. I should never have had to complain, threaten to go to the BBB and also an attorney.....I do think that mentioning that is you internet search this problem there are hundreds to thousands of the same type of complaint.... also linking to the BBB link given above, may have shown them just how negatively they are being shown by all the complaints.

This crap has kept me from doing what i needed to be doing.... getting files ready to submit for a juried Gallery show.

Thoroughly PO'ed at Nikon Customer Service

September 20, 2013  •  Leave a Comment
Angry Thoroughly PO'ed at Nikon Customer Service

I am thoroughly PO'ed at NIKON SERVICE. Had a Zoom lens that needed worked on, it was under warranty. It was stiff focusing and I attributed that to being brand new, but after almost a year it was still very stiff and got to a point of not zooming to 24mm, I though it was probably dirty from being out in the KS dusty wind a lot... ...

Get an email from NS stating my warranty was voided and the cost of repair would be $$$.¢¢. So after 10 minutes of arguing with the girl on the phone I asked for the facilities manager and she tells me there is no manager but she might be able to find the supervisor....Hmmm ok get the super on the phone.

I sit on hold for 15 minutes and the girl returns to tell me the supervisor decided that in the interest of customer relations they would fix the lens at no cost but my warranty was still voided due to the lens being dropped, even if I did not drop it, even if it was dropped in the factory and shipped to the USA to be sold, it had been dropped and that voided the warranty. Also I do not get the 180 day repair warranty. They are doing all of this in the name of customer relations... right... so when the lens arrives I will have a 1 yr old lens with absolutely NO WARRANTY and if it does not work properly when it arrives I have NO REPAIR WARRANTY to fall back on. This really puts a very bad taste in my mouth about ever buying a brand new Nikon Lens again.

Is this the new NORM for these companies ? ? ? ? ? ?

So I am screwed by Nikon

Oh yeah I never talked with the "supervisor" nor could I get the Supers name.... as to their not being a facilities manager...hard to believe as the supervisor has someone IT answers to... usually a manager.

Have any of you run into this problem??? 


Post your experiences in the comments who knows maybe a class action suit is in order if there is enough evidence of wrong doing by Nikon Service.




Copyright....and why you should always put them on your images

January 31, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I am sure i will revisit this topic in the future, especially since many people do not go through a persons blog from start to finish.  I found this article and thought it would save time to just post a link to the article since it is written by an attorney.

here is the link:  http://www.photoattorney.com/2007/07/watermarks-can-be-music-to-your-ears.html    It is a very good and easy read.


Have a wonderful Thursday.



Usually I love the Wintrertime.

January 26, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Yes, normally I love the wintertime, however this winter has been usually dreary and glum...

We have probably gotten about 3 inches of snow and it did not last even 24 hours and the worse part... it was not 3" all at one time.   It was an inch here and there...really stinks as I had plans for images I wanted to take, but needed the snow to make it all come together as I wanted.


Doesn't look like my project will ever come to fruition. 


Have a great Sunday.

Credit Cards... Yeah.

January 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I am now set up to take credit cards on the spot if you are ready to buy my art work.

Short... ... sweet... ... and to the point.

This applies to my art work or services.


Have a great Day.

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